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Day August 24, 2010

Galaxy S unlock code stored in phone

File this under all sorts of cool. It seems that the unlock code for Samsung’s Galaxy S is stored in a .BAK file on the phone itself. The code can be extracted with a hex editor and then entered into the phone during SIM installation. No rooting required.

Sources: Engadget, XDA Developers

Palm Pre 2/Roadrunner HD/C40 rumors heating up

I think I speak for all webOS users when I say that we have been anxiously awaiting some killer hardware to replace the (gracefully) aging Pre and Pixi lines. There have been many rumors floating around for months, most notably on PreCentral, that a new webOS phone is in the pipeline, and even a quote back in April from Jon Rubinstein himself that Palm was ‘working fast and furious on new handsets’.  Add Palm’s recent acquisition by HP — the largest technology company in the world — to the mix, and we have a recipe for rampant unsubstantiated claims.

What we know for sure is that new hardware is coming from Palm and so too is webOS 2.0. What we don’t know is when it will come, what carrier(s) will get it, and what specifications the device(s) will have. Two recent developments, however, seem to shed some more light on these questions.

The first development comes from Phone Arena which seems to have obtained a tentative lineup of Verizon’s handsets for the remainder of 2010. Slated for a mid to late October release — alongside the Samsung Fascinate, Blackberry’s Storm 3, and the Motorola Droid Pro — is none other than the Palm Pre 2. Unfortunately, no specifications are listed for said device.

The second development comes from Killin’ It Apps — a webOS developer — who tweeted a rather startling find from the developer logs of its popular game Cloud Hopper:

Someone is playing #CloudHopper on a new resolution! @webosroundup @precentral @engadget #webos20 #roadrunnerHD

The resolution? 640 x 960. The device? Roadrunner HD. The webOS version? 2.0.

Although it is certainly possible that this is an elaborate hoax, it definitely seems like the Roadrunner HD — which may or may not sport a ‘retina display’ depending on screen size — is a reality. Whether it is the same phone as Verizon’s Palm Pre 2 — or perhaps a Sprint variant — remains to be seen. In any case, Palm fans have two more reasons to believe the next webOS phone is incoming before 2010 is out.

Sources: Phone Arena, Twitter, PreCentral

Google Goggles coming to iPhone this year

Let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t do to Google Goggles what it did to Google Voice.

Sources: The Register, Gizmodo

How I Found Lost — The Complete Collection now available on Amazon

It seems odd to me that the very thing that occasioned the end of my interest in television — going to college — also occasioned a six-year long infatuation with a television series. The year was 2004. I had just returned to UMass Amherst after a yearlong hiatus forced upon me by tuition hikes I could not afford. I was intent on finishing my undergraduate degree in mathematics along with the philosophy major I had picked up prior to withdrawing.

I was fortunate enough to be staying my senior year in the basement of a photography professor who normally only rented out to graduate students. One of my amenities in that basement was an old television — something that would have thrilled me in the years before I transferred to UMass. I was a TV junkie growing up back then, but television’s warm glow had lost its luster as I grew older — and more entangled in the Web.

I am not sure whether it was nostalgia or simply a point of utility, but I made a decision to watch that television. It was there, after all — why not use it? That decision ultimately led me down the rabbit hole that is Lost. Coincidence or fate? That I do not know, but I know this: it was worth it. If television ever had an epic, Lost is it.

Sources: Amazon