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Day August 28, 2010

Phantasy Star II in App Store

One of my favorite RPGs of all time. Now available for iPhone.

App Store link: Phantasy Star II, $2.99

Google Realtime: up-to-the-second search

With the rise of social networking and always-connected devices, it is little wonder that Google is experimenting with instant search. Go ahead and give Google Realtime a gander or learn more about it in the link.

Source: GoogleBlog via TechEBlog

Fennec alpha comes to Android 2.x, Nokia N900

Fennec — the codename for Mozilla’s mobile version of Firefox — has just been released in alpha form for Android 2.x phones and the Nokia N900. Fennec is “the first mobile browser to offer add-ons and is built on the same technology that powers desktop Firefox.” Fennec Alpha includes Firefox Sync which allows the user to seamlessly switch from desktop to mobile and back while providing full access to all history, bookmarks, settings, and tabs throughout.

The new build focuses on performance enhancements, most noticeably in the introduction of two new features dubbed Electrolysis and Layers. Electrolysis allows the browser to run in a separate process from the actual rendering of the web affording users a snappy experience even when processor intensive content is loading. Layers sets the groundwork for future versions of Fennec to perform graphic intensive actions like scrolling, panning, and zooming optimally. Click the link for video of Fennec in action or to download a copy to test for yourself.

Source: The Mozilla Blog via Engadget

Gmail users place 1,000,000 calls on first day

Looks like Skype has some serious competition.

Source: Twitter via Unwired View, I4U News

R-Type for iPhone stays true to original

With its ubiquity in many a pocket, iPhone has really taken off as the go-to mobile gaming platform for casual and enthusiast gamers. Numerous ports of classic console games of yore pop up all the time in the App Store, but many suffer from a poor transition to the realm of tilt and touch control or are not quite faithful reproductions of the original. R-Type for iPhone avoids both pitfalls admirably.

R-Type is the quintessential side-scrolling shooter in which you pilot Arrowhead through 8 fiendishly difficult levels to defend humanity from the Bydo. EA has done a smashing job recreating the original arcade title while allowing less experienced gamers the opportunity to finish what could be a very frustrating game. Although the virtual D-pad and tilt control modes are nothing to brag about, the touch controls are well done. R-Type is now available in the App Store for $1.99 — a relative steal considering how many quarters some have lost to the game.

Sources: EA, R-Type iPhone via iLounge