IE9 beta ready for download

Internet Explorer has come a long way. Yesterday, Microsoft released the public beta of version 9 of the once de facto standard in web browsing. Although Internet Explorer still maintains market dominance, in recent years, it has seen its lead rapidly decline to more efficient, extensible, and web-compliant competitors such as Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome.

Gone are the days of bloated UI, frustrating performance, and egregious lack of compliance to modern web technologies. IE9 seeks to remedy everything that went wrong with Internet Explorer and appears to do so splendidly. IE9 was designed with speed and efficiency as its primary goal and leverages the freshest web standards, including HTML5, while employing a much cleaner interface. IE9, of course, defaults to Bing for search.

You can give IE9 beta a test drive by clicking the source link below. Sorry Macheads — Windows only, for now.

Source: Microsoft via TechCrunch