Verizon Wireless set to offer prepaid smartphones

I’m surprised that it has taken this long for a US carrier to do this — and shocked that it was Big Red who took the lead — but with the recent success of prepaid cellular services here in the States, it was inevitable. Starting on September 28, Verizon Wireless prepay customers can sign up for an unlimited prepaid 3G data package for $30 per month. What makes this truly remarkable, though, is that you are not limited to the usual paltry selection of lackluster phones. All of Verizon’s Android phones, Palm’s Pre and Pixi Plus, and select BlackBerry models are available with the new plan. Sure, you still have to pay full retail price for the phone and add in minutes and text messages as needed, but that isn’t different from any other prepaid service. That you are getting a top-notch smartphone with prepaid service and no contract on the nation’s most reliable network is the game-changer here. Regardless of how you feel about Verizon, there is no question that this move fills a niche that can only net Big Red more green. Now, if only there were a prepaid data-only plan. Can you hear me now, Verizon?

Source: Engadget