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Day November 17, 2010

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone 4

One of the top complaints about the iPhone that Apple cannot address fully with iOS updates has been its lack of a physical keyboard. When iOS 4 was rolled out in June, Bluetooth keyboard support was enabled and gave iPhone users the option of pairing a hardware keyboard with Apple’s darling. I, particularly, have been waiting for a quality landscape-oriented, slide-out keyboard case to try out — and although solutions exist — none have managed to pique my interest. Enter BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone 4.

This thing looks mighty impressive — solid, slim, and stylish. If the ergonomics and balance of the Keyboard Buddy can match its form, it might even be worth its $70 price tag. BoxWave starts shipping its Keyboard Buddy Case on December 14, but those anxious to Droidify their iPhones can pre-order now at the link below.

Source: BoxWave via Engadget

Facebook Messages in 4:11

Here is Facebook’s official YouTube video that explains the concept behind its new messaging platform. You can also read more about it here on Facebook’s official blog.

Although I find the idea of simpler sharing refreshing, it is not a novel idea and by no means a simple task to implement effectively on a grand scale. Notwithstanding, Facebook is dead on when it says that ‘all you should need to send a message is the person and the message.’ In fact, this is how all communication should work — the means of communication are extraneous — only the persons communicating and the message are relevant.

Relatively soon, we’ll probably all stop using arbitrary ten digit numbers and bizarre sequences of characters to contact each other. We will just select friends by name and be able to share with them instantly. We aren’t there yet, but the changes today are a small first step.

This is the end goal, and I am delighted that Facebook realizes this and is taking ‘a small first step’ towards that goal. However, I am still skeptical that Facebook will be instrumental in the grand scheme of making simple sharing a reality.

Official Google Voice app lands in App Store

The Beatles and Google Voice hit iTunes on the same day. Hell hath frozen over.

Download here.

Source: Google Voice Blog via TechCrunch

The Beatles. Now on iTunes.

The picture says it all.