Meet qb: an experimental tumblog complement to The All Box

Let me be frank: I’ve never been one to be frank — at least not when it comes to the written word. Short, sweet, and simple are as alien to my writing style as they are ever-present in my speech. One only has to look so far as my admiration for Kierkegaard to see the influence, for just like that melancholy Dane, I understand that my duty as a writer is not to lead my readers directly to answers but rather to awaken their awareness of the questions while the Wittgensteins of the world nod in as much assent as apathy wishing I would just get on with it.

Well, Ludwig, meet qb. qb (pronounced ‘kyoob‘) is ‘an asynchronous, unranked aggregate of web content that interests me’ and serves as an experimental tumblog complement to The All Box. Powered by Tumblr and using Ben Delaney’s Notations theme, qb is meant to be my medium of minimalism offering ‘qbits’ of information for consumption in the tersest of form.

In introducing qb, my hope is to cover more stories in the mobile tech world while repositioning The All Box to realize its original intent — to awaken awareness of the questions that the bleeding edge of technology raise.

So, while you wait for the main course, give the hors d’oeuvres a taste and savor some qb.