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iOS 4.1 ready for download, adds Game Center, HDR photos

iOS 4.1 is up on iTunes. Enjoy!

Apple revamps iPods, iTunes, and Apple TV

For the most part, the predictions for Apple’s event that I outlined here were spot on. The only thing I did not expect was Ping — Apple’s foray into the social space. I’ll post my thoughts after I get a chance to watch it in its entirety. Click the links for a good summary or if you’d like to see the whole presentation yourself.

Sources: Apple, Gizmodo

Phantasy Star II in App Store

One of my favorite RPGs of all time. Now available for iPhone.

App Store link: Phantasy Star II, $2.99

R-Type for iPhone stays true to original

With its ubiquity in many a pocket, iPhone has really taken off as the go-to mobile gaming platform for casual and enthusiast gamers. Numerous ports of classic console games of yore pop up all the time in the App Store, but many suffer from a poor transition to the realm of tilt and touch control or are not quite faithful reproductions of the original. R-Type for iPhone avoids both pitfalls admirably.

R-Type is the quintessential side-scrolling shooter in which you pilot Arrowhead through 8 fiendishly difficult levels to defend humanity from the Bydo. EA has done a smashing job recreating the original arcade title while allowing less experienced gamers the opportunity to finish what could be a very frustrating game. Although the virtual D-pad and tilt control modes are nothing to brag about, the touch controls are well done. R-Type is now available in the App Store for $1.99 — a relative steal considering how many quarters some have lost to the game.

Sources: EA, R-Type iPhone via iLounge

Apple ‘special event’ scheduled for September 1

Apple has sent out invitations to industry-leading blogs about an upcoming event scheduled for September 1 in San Francisco. Judging by the graphic, which depicts an acoustic guitar with an Apple logo-shaped sound hole — and by the time of year — it appears that this will be Apple’s media event equivalent to the Let’s Rock events of yesteryear.

Rumors for the exact content of the event include a completely redesigned fourth generation iPod Touch à la iPhone 4 complete with glass back, dual cameras, FaceTime integration, gyroscope, and that gorgeous 960 x 640 Retina Display. Also rumored to be unveiled is a completely repackaged Apple TV — possibly rebranded as iTV — running iOS and priced at $99. Apple will probably release iOS 4.1 shortly after the event that brings Game Center to newer iDevices, stability and performance gains to older iDevices, and a proximity sensor fix to iPhone 4.

In addition, Apple may make renting television shows for 99¢ a reality as well as give us a release date for the hotly anticipated white iPhone 4. No word on whether the long overdue ‘iTunes in the cloud’ streaming service will go live soon, but I’m guessing it won’t happen until some time next year. Beatles on iTunes is also highly unlikely.

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Facebook Places now live on iPhone, plots checkmate in check-in game

Location is perhaps the single hottest thing in mobile right now. With location-sharing services like Foursquare, Gowalla, and Loopt amassing millions of users and with untold amounts of potential revenue to be had, it is no wonder that the social networking giant wants to rule the check-in game. You can check out Facebook Places in the latest version of Facebook’s iPhone app or at touch.facebook.com in any mobile browser that supports HTML5 and geolocation.

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