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I used to jokingly resolve on New Year’s Day to not make a New Year’s resolution. By doing so, I managed to break my resolution of not resolving instantly, saving me the trouble of breaking it later were I to have made any other.

The sentiment was that regardless of what I ‘resolved’ myself to do, I would eventually end up not doing it. So why bother? A broken promise is bad enough, but to oneself is especially damaging. It reduces resolution to whim and integrity to nil.

The truth is that keeping a resolution is hard work, and no one should be resolving to do something unless one is seriously passionate about doing it. A resolution only has meaning when one fully intends on seeing it through. And there’s no better barometer of intent than desire.

In fact, this is how it really works. Start with what you want to do and then resolve to do it — not the other way around.

Which brings me to my resolution for 2012. I’m passionate about writing. I want to write. I intend to write. I resolve to write.

Now let’s see how long it takes me to break this one.